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2017 Northern California Fishing Reports

February 3 Fishing Report - Ted Fay Fly Shop in snow

Apocalyptic rain and snow, a winter for us Dogpatchers to remember. It just keeps coming and coming, needless to say the kibosh has been put on fishing. Windows of opportunity have been short and pretty damn nonexistent. I had not touched my trout rod since mid November so when a brief window for rod/river bonding appeared this week I jumped in the truck and headed out to one of my favorite high water spots. Driving to the river off of I-5 provided snowbank challenges but was able to plow though it. I eagerly rubbered up, grabbed my rod and stumbled to the river only to find Bob Grace. Long story short he was killing it. Our favorite fly shop owner doesn't get the chance to get out much during most of the season but this is his time and he had been blessed by the fish Gods that day. Pics below are of the pigs I had the pleasure of landing for him. If I had been on a steelhead river I would have sworn these brutes were steelhead. My theory, I may be wrong, is when Shasta Dam was built it trapped steelhead above the dam. We now have their decendants who spend most of their time in the lake but migrate into the river to spawn anywhere from now into spring. Thus the bright, ballistic lake rainbows that we start seeing in summer and into winter. Here's the latest up to date rain gauge reading from McCloud Dam, 20 inches in a month! It's going to be an interesting Spring and Summer folks.......

Date Rain Inches

01/05/2017 35.04

02/02/2017 55.66

Screw it, I going to Hawaii next week. Rain/snow in the forecast next 2 weeks.

February 3 Fishing Report - Photo set 1

February 3 Fishing Report - Photo set 2

February 3 Fishing Report - Mt. Shasta Feb Snow

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