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2015 Northern California Fishing Reports


Fly Fishing Special McCloud River Fly Fishing

Half Day Fly Fishing On The Upper Sac

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Fishing Report - December 18, 2015

Woody and BIG fish


Snow, rain rivers are all up and down. No complaining, we need all the wet stuff we can get ... it's all good. If you hit it just right you will find some spectacular fishing here and nearby. Enjoy the Christmas and New Year ya'll.

Steelhead Sunrise

Fishing Report Photos 12-18-15

Message to Santa

Fishing Report - December 03, 2015

It's break time here in Dogpatch after another rockem sockem season on the McCloud and Upper Sacramento Rivers. The recent COLD spell has put a damper on any thought of chasing fish but relief is in sight as warmer days and storms rolling in off the Pacific are in the works ... currently snowing. In the mean time rather than some fish porn (well one at least) and lies to lather you up here's some pastry porn, or as we call it in Dogpatch, comfort food ... might be wise for me to write a guide to pastry/fishing pornography destinations, am feeling the vibe.

Remember too Christmas is just around the corner and The Ted Fay Fly Shop has plenty of items for those fly fishers on your shopping list.


Sinful Pastry

Wild Steelhead Deer

Fishing Report: November 11, 2015

The last two weeks on the McCloud River have been great. Silly numbers one day, the largest Rainbow I have ever seen caught another, big Brownies, and fall colors worthy of a portrait. The weather cooled, then it rained, and then the river lit up. It has been excellent fishing since but alas she closes this Sunday, November 15 for a much needed rest. Mark your calendar April 30, 2016 is when she opens again. In the mean time rest well this winter you beautiful living being, those of us who have been seduced by you will be back ... God willing.

McCloud River Fishing
Final McCloud Days

The Upper Sacramento River keeps rocking with the upper sections still showing many October Caddis. You are not going to get fish to come up on your big Oct. Caddis imitations on every cast but now is a good time to cast away with a dry/dropper setup. The fish are so anxious after seeing the ovipositing from these guys the last month that they can no longer control themselves. The suicidal fish just gotta have one of these choice bugs and their resistance meter is at zero. The lower sections have also been fishing well but your best bet on getting into fish is nymphing with my favorite choices .... LBS!!! Remember this river is open all winter but regs switch over to catch and release ... no bait, dynamite or hand grenades.

The Klamath River is giving up some very good steelhead days now. The Wild Waters Fly Fishing guys are covering the river from Happy Camp up to Iron Gate Dam and reporting good numbers of fish with fresh fish mixed in. Recent rains are helping things out along with a big temperature drop in the water. If you like this river or have thought about it now is the time to get on it.

The Lower Sac is producing some nice fish as reported by Wild Waters Fly Fishing guides and the "egg bite" is still on. Another excellent choice I must say.

McCloud River Fly Fishing Photos - End of Season

NoCal Fly Fishing Photos - End of Season

Upper Sac Fly Fishing - End of Season

Fishing Report: October 27, 2015

The Brownies have been active on the McCloud, the gorgeous fall weather continues and the October Caddis are blanketing the river the last couple of hours of daylight. The native browns as opposed to the less stylish Shasta Lake run browns are busting out in their finest colors to match the colors of fall. Also the McCloud Rainbows have joined in the gig .... they are all holding a dance card for you. It's a spectacle that only occurs this time of year and you best get your ticket and pack your bags, there's only a few more weeks left till "Party Over".

The Upper Sac is also fishing well. The drill is nymph mornings and afternoons then when the October Caddis start their party use a stimmie/dropper. You will find the October Caddis concentrated from Sims up river and they are especially THICK from Dunsmuir to Ney Springs.

My days the last 3 weeks here have been memorable so enjoy the fish porn below .... wishing you were here.

Zen Thought Of The Day ... Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

10-27-15 Fly Fishing Report photos

10-27-15 Fly Fishing Report photos, series 2

Fishing Report: October 6, 2015

October 6 2015 Fishing Report Photos

The last week on the McCloud River has produced some nice fish for happy clients. Yep, the water is clouded and visibility murky but with about 6 weeks left to fish this river it's time to stop whinning and just do it. Fall colors are beginning, leaves are dropping, and the mystical October Caddis are arriving ... plus the current 10 day forecast is showing excellent weather. Heads up, the river canyon is losing the sun and the water is getting COLD particularly in the morning so layer up. Success in bringing fish to the net has been achieved by nymphing, dry/dropper and streamers. ATTENTION!! The McCloud River fall season (one of two) is here, bring your A Game.

<< McCloud 19 Inch Gorgeous Rainbow


October 6 2015 Fishing Report Photos

    Julie and Jeff Loved to Wade
    Julie and Jeff Loved to Wade

The Upper Sac has been solid since the water temps have dropped. Again the Fall colors are starting up and the October Caddis are starting their show. The water is late season normal flow, in other of words there is plenty of water. Hatches are still not quite there thus rising fish are persnickety. I have to say the entire river is worth nymph fishing and as the nights continue to get longer look for early and late top surface action with a stimmie/dropper or a double dry fly setup. A heads up the Dunsmuir area has been on fire for truck trout for those who like the frequent tug.



October 6 2015 Fishing Report Photos

Quick note the steelhead are showing now on the Trinity, Klamath, and Rogue. I did a quick trip up to the Rogue yesterday and floated it with Buster, well worth the trip.

They Are Back
They Are Back

Fishing Report: September 25, 2015

Back from Montana and am off and running with the guide thing once again. Quick short report as follows on the local rivers. First the McCloud is going turbid once again, thank you Mud Frickin Creek. How long this will be a problem only time will tell, deja vu all over again like last year. The Upper Sac on the other hand is in good late summer shape, plenty of water and the colder nights have bumped up the fishing. Yesterday I covered a good deal of river with clients and fish were hooked … some landed .. as you can see below. It is still a nymphing game for the most part but reports of early morning trico hatches have been whispered to me. The Lower Sac is fishing great and should continue so and the Klamath is starting to show steelies around Happy Camp. It is all good and will continue to improve.

Zen Thought Of The Day .... You are not old until your regrets replace your dreams.

McCloud and Upper Sac Fishing Report Photo 1 McCloud and Upper Sac Fishing Report Photo 2 McCloud and Upper Sac Fishing Report Photo 3

Fishing Report: August 17, 2015

We are currently in the belly of the Dog Daze beast here in Dogpatch but as I have emphasized before we at least have plenty of water in our rivers for you low water deprived souls who dream of better days past. Conditions are fine, fish are bringing smiles to those who are out there giving it a go and The Ted Fay Fly Shop is open for your business. Get your ass in gear and get up here.

The McCloud River is finally showing promising signs of fishability, not to be mistaken for spookability. The fishability meter is rising (finally clearing enough) and the spookability meter is falling (colored enough so you can shake their hand almost). The visibility is a cloudy 2 feet so scaring them (spookability) is nil. A recent recon by Buster and myself produced a decent day of hooking and catching as shown in the pics. Caution wading though, the fishability factor (low vis) kicks in. The fish seem to be in normal and abnormal lies, thus their spookability meter is low. You tired of this #@!$bility crap yet? We ran nymphs mostly (with and without a bobbercator) with a few locations offering streamer opportunities. The same ole LBS bugs were the ticket so get by the shop and get a hand full. Checkout our drug rations for the day, someone has a serious problem. Possibly an intervention is in order.

The Usac has been surprisingly steady for early and late fishing. The lower river has cooled enough such that an early morning spent there can be rewarding. Most of the action though is from Sims up river. Seems to me we are having a mild summer after a scary heat wave start to it. New fly fishers John, Zack, Rebecca, Pablo, Royd and Cate all had successful outings with me over the last few weeks …. valuable instruction to carry forth as they venture into the fly fishing world … rest their souls, they will never be the same. Fish are hanging in the oxygenated water mostly, get it down (weights) into their neighborhood and you will be rewarded.

My annual Montana vacation will be coming soon so the Ted Fay/Dogpatch fishing report will not be around to tickle your vicarious habits. I will be living the dream once again with fellow trout bums Buster and Derf. If you desire I will once again be posting fish and pastry porn as we drool our way around southwest Montana ….

Recommended Bugs .....


LBS (as follows)

Jimmy Legs #4-10
Gordon Prince #14-16
Possie Bugger #8-10
Copper John (red & copper) #14-16


Rebecca's First Fish on a FlyKeith's USac FattyCate's USac Bow

8-17-15 USac Fishing Report Photos

McCloud Fly Fishing Report Photos 8-17-15

8-17-15 Sugar Overdose

Fishing Report: July 27, 2015

Yes cupcake there is plenty of water up here, all of our streams are flowing at healthy levels and the trout are enjoying the cool water during the warm summer. Oregon on the other hand has shut down fishing on all of its rivers after 2 pm each day due to warm water conditions …ODFW takes action to help native fish . Keep your fingers crossed that that doesn't happen around here. The McCloud River has unfortunately … once again … gone rogue and is blown out muddy. Figure this river not being fishable for awhile … a replay of last summer. The Upper Sacramento River has been fishing good on the mid to upper sections. The lower sections have been seeing warm water so best to fish there in the morning. Nymphing and getting your flies down has been the ticket. Lake Siskiyou in the evenings has rewarded anglers with a combo of trout and smallmouth bass. McCloud Reservoir has seen double digit days of fish to hand.

See my June 24 report for recommended bugs.

Zen Thought Of The Day (from John Muir) …. Of all places the best …. so abundant and novel are the objects of interest in a pure wilderness that unless you are pursuing special studies it matters little where you go or how often to the same place. Wherever you chance to be always seems at the moment of all places the best, and you feel that there can be no happiness in this world or any other for those who may not be happy here.

McCloud + Upper Sacramento Rivers Fly Fishing Report 7-27
McCloud + Upper Sacramento Rivers Fly Fishing Report #2 - 7-27
Gabriel's USac Bow

Fishing Report: July 11, 2015

Hot weather has left the house and cooler days are prevailing. The big 4th of July holiday stampede has come and gone with limited collateral damage and battle scars. Things are settling in nicely now and both of our favorite rivers are giving us some good fishing. Right now is a great time to be here for the fishing and all the other accessories that the area has to offer. Long range forecasting is showing very mild conditions for the next couple of weeks.

The McCloud River is fishing good. This last week offered up some very nice fish for father/son Keith and Willie. The river is slowly coloring up but is still very fishable. I would guess the visibility is around 2 feet. This means caution when wading ... try letting your feet be your eyes. It is hard to predict if this is a short term or long term event. The lake does not show any mud field so as in some previous years I have experienced it could just be the milky McCloud for the summer. Bobbercator style has produced the best, some streamer success has been had and evening hatches of caddis and mayflies has been spotty. LBS, LBS, LBS has been the proper flies. Look for fish in some of those aint worth it spots you passed over earlier in the season.

The Upper Sac has had water temps spike into the mid 70's on the lower sections. Stay away from there when it like this. The fish are stressed enough and do not need any additional tension in their lives when the river gets this warm. The current cooler weather will help the high temps. Checkout this website for real time flows and temps … I would stay from Gibson up to Ney Springs and as long as the cooler weather sticks around you should find good fishing all day. Currently the fish are either deep in the runs and pools or are in the heavy oxygenated water … choose your poison. Again LBS, LBS, LBS here.

July 11 Fly Fishing Report USac - photo set 1

McCloud Big Bow   Fluid Motion

July 11 Fly Fishing Report USac - photo set 2

Mt. Shasta Sunset

Birds Eye View   Pastry Porn

Fishing Report: June 24, 2015

As June starts to fade away downstream our first heat wave approaches here in Dogpatch … whoop! Up to now the McCloud and Upper Sac have been fishing good. With the advent of the hot temps though tactics must be changed. Yes once again it's LBS time (Little Black Shit) for those wanting to get into fish …. unless you are stalking the truck trout around Dunsmuir. Speaking of which for those who did not know the planting program for the USac (Dunsmuir area), Upper McCloud and McCloud Reservoir had been on hold since the opener due to whirling disease in the hatchery. DF&G has begun bringing fish in from their hatchery over at Baum Lake though(these fish will get extra miles on their credit card). This coupled with the City of Dunsmuir “bonus trout” program means the summer fishing will be good for stockies. Any way back to the LBS, I have included my list of favorite LBS below, this is a once a season broadcast of these bugs. I highly recommend their use in the wild trout sections of the Upper Sac and the McCloud River if you want to get into the game. The heat also means get out early and get out late, take a siesta break in the afternoon … this goes for both rivers.

The Upper Sac has been fishing good for the last week except for one strange day where it went to sleep for me. We got into some nice fish a.m. and midday as shown in the pictures. One bigger fish had what I call a really bad day. Notice the fresh chunk out of its back, probably an otter. The key has been get your nymphs down and fish the oxygenated water. The evenings have been good but you have to wait till almost the last half hour of the day before the hatch begins. You will see a caddis hatch on the lower river and mayflies on the upper sections. Some Goldenstones still around above Dunsmuir.

The McCloud continues to have crowds, particularly on the weekends. These fish are wising up so you must change tactics and think about pocket water in more difficult reaches. Hatches remain strong and will start up as early as 5 p.m. Goldenstones are still out from Ah Di Na up to the dam … think stimmie/dropper in the oxygenated water … and do not forget those LBS.

Zen Thought Of The Day .... I am sick of following my dreams. I am just going to ask them where they are going and hook up with them later.  

LBS (as follows):


Recommended Bugs .....





June 24 Fly Fishing Report

June 24 Fly Fishing Report - more fish photos

June 24 Fly Fishing Report - Brownie SundaeJune 24 Fly Fishing Report - Pastry Porn

Fishing Report: June 11, 2015

June fishing in Dogpatch so far has been a mix of spectacular and a bit of the ole struggle. The last couple of weeks have had weather ranging from cool and wet to HOT! Thunderstorm activity has been nasty and torrential down pours from these ugly cells have produced run for the truck afternoons .... graphite rods make good lightning rods. Fishing over this period has been excellent on the cooler days with the 100 degree days more of a test. Right now the McCloud has been fishing best compared to the Upper Sac, that’s why June is so popular there and yes it is the McCrowd these days. Don’t give up though on the USac, it too has been fishing pretty darn good. Evening fishing on both is very good, just checkout this nice USac fish caught by Mark the other evening ... I call this bow The Night Stalker. I recommend too if you are doing the evening hatch thing fish two dries, either a big stimulator or large Adams with a size 14 or 16 humpy or Adams trailing about 2-3 feet off the the point fly. Multiple hatches will drive you crazy trying to constantly “match the hatch” but do not make a science out of it .... size and shape are the keys ... color in the evening not so important. Dry/dropper working good all day on both rivers ....  on the USac mainly from Sims upstream. Nymphing remains solid for both rivers, work the heavy oxygenated water for the bigger fish. Flows on both rivers are good, no worries about lack of water. Remember we are upstream from ya’ll at the source ... Mt. Shasta has plenty of snow on her.

June 2015 Fishing Report USac McCloud

June 2015 Fishing Report USac McCloud - more photos

Alas in honor of National Donut Day which has come and gone for another year I offer you some donut porn ... bon appetite!

If you have any further questions please call the shop and when you are in the area stop in and say hello. For additiional local fishing reports see ... and

If you have any questions about my fishing reports for the McCloud River
and Upper Sacramento River please contact me.

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